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Ah, rumors...

In regards to the last post, apparently it is one of the inevitable rumors that pops up here and there. MeoSource had this to say about it:

"MeoSource would like to join MEO Sean and the Team at Turbine in dispelling rumours of the cancellation of Middle-Earth Online.

After a news post at the far ranging website TheOneRing.net, threads were started all over the official forums questioning the status of MEO (look here, here, and here). In response, MeoS member Jaero started a thread trying to fight the rumours from within the community.

We at MeoSource are confident that work is progressing on the game at a frantic and focused rate. We are in touch with members of the Team regularly, and if anything were amiss, we would certainly have gotten wind of it. Should there be any indication of trouble with Turbine, or with Middle-Earth Online, you folks would be some of the first to know.

So ignore the rumours, don't let the naysayers gain any berth, and keep your eye on reliable sources when looking for news on MEO. We have every confidence this game is gonna be worth the wait!"

Whew! You scared us there for a bit.

JOOC, anyone else picking up WoW to pass the time until MEO's release sometime next year?
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heart azn

(no subject)

Don't know if you guys have heard yet, I got this in an email at work (I work at Game Stop) about a week ago but MEO has been cancelled. :(

We can always hope another company (such as EA) buys the rights to it. But EA hasn't been known for successful MMO's.
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  • digitil

screenshots etc?


I'm looking for MEO visuals I can use for a collage I'm working on. anyone here who's got some screenshooting skills? anything MEO/LOTR related is good. just looking for some more material to work with. much appreciated. will post finished work here.

you can use onepic.com to post jpg files.

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I just saw the post on MEO and thought I would join. I have been an LJ user for while and have been looking for a community to join. This one just seems perfect. :)

Nomadicwriter's Jed

(no subject)

All right, the creator of this community is finally making a post. Go me.

I have just finished advertising on a few MEO forums so maybe... hopefully... we'll get some members here. That would be fun.

The only rules for this forum are that you should be on topic and play nice. That's not so hard, really.

And now we just have to wait for MEO to be released, so we can play it. In the meantime we can discuss what we plan to do, our future characters, and the general awesomeness of it all.

Hello All!

I guess I have the prestigous opportunity to be the first poster on what we hope will become a central forum for anything and everything about Middle-Earth Online. I married the founder of this community, ilanalynn just a week ago and while we're both fans of Tolkien's works I must admit she far surprasses me in her inherrant knowledge thereof. Consequently, ilanalynn (of taleofyears fame), will be the "primary" moderator for the Community and I'll just serve as backup.

We've both played a variety of MMOs (mostly FF XI) and have been looking forward to MEO since I discovered its existance some months ago. We invite you all to join at your will and share your thoughts, hopes, experiences, rumors, ideas, etc etc etc of anything related to MEO.
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